Yavuzsan company was founded in 1976 and for many years has been producing
 brake discs and drums .
For a long time Yavuzsan has been manufacturing spare parts and the company benefits because of the experience and development of new technologies . Yavuzsan doesn’t stop at what has been achieved and estimates its present state as the starting point for further growth .
Yavuzsan attempts to work out a new product using the best materials to satisifiy the requirements of its clients .
The use of new technologies,materials and services is aimed to create better quality products for the customers .
Yavuzsan develops new products taking into consideration data of R & D, it invests substantially into R & D and now it carries on researches in the line of improvement in metallurgy and materials .
The design of our products starts from the stage of moulding,casting,machining,then comes quality testing after which we sell our goods and continue to care about how they work .
The factory occupies 10000 m2 open 3000 m2 closed area in Konya .
Our company manufactures more than 950 types of products and it continues to increase their variety.
Yavuzsan is the only company in Turkey which manufactures the majority of kinds of brake discs and drums for all passenger and light commercial cars .
The result of a long period of work of Yavuzsan is prestige and credibility among its clients .
Yavuzsan company contiune its export to many countries under WOD brand especially to Europe,Middle East and Russia .
Since 1976,the date of its foundation,Yavuzsan company has been working on the improvements of the quality of its products,services and the development of new technologies which became its philosophy.